daily blog | Race Day 1

They day has come!

After we were sailing on this great lake here in Ebensee since last Wednesday the first race day came at last.

While having breakfast in a fresh morning, we took the view over the lake again and again but there wasn't any wind. Nevertheless the start was said to be at 11:00 - and then, like the wind was booked for that time he came and we were able to start all two races. These were my first two regattas on a Topcat, after having sailed with one a few times ago and I need to say that it was great! With medium wind speed the 96 Topcats hunted each other across the lake, it was a realy eye-cathing picture!
And one thing I know exactely! This was not my last Topcat regatta!

Felix Schäffer, K2, GER 2403

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