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Most of us should be back home now, so as the ITCA Team.
We had a great week in changing weather and wind conditions, and we do not have to complain.

I would like to thank all of those who made it possible, and some special thanks to the ones who made the pictures (Peter and Katharina, thanks also for uploading), the great videos (Norbert and Andi), all the itcabloggers for their own view and the one who spent some night hours for presenting everything to the web (Fifi) - Thank you folks! Without you it would not be the same.

In the comming days, I will try to get all pictures together to a bundle that everyone can download in good quality, but we will need some time. Fifi is going to present the videos as well, and we will publish the url where to get the stuff.

see you in 2012!


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  1. Koroknai Péter


    All of my photos are available on Koroknai Photography’s page on Facebook and a selection from the best pictures on website. If somebody needs some pictures in original quality please let me know by e-mail (

    Have a nice day,

    Peter and Zsófia

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